What is HahnX?

We are a community dedicated to creating a positive impact on people and the planet by connecting, inspiring, and equipping today's changemakers.

We connect with and adhere to the values of educator, Kurt Hahn -- compassion and service, self discovery and a respectful relationship with the natural world, among others.

Thousands of institutions around the globe have utilized Hahn's educational approach to lay a foundation in their students. HahnX offers a place build on that foundation to create strong community and a better world. We are a gathering place for connection, collaboration, innovation and continued experiential learning.   

Imagine what we can do together. 

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HahnX Founders


Mark Brown

Mark is a published author and certified coach. He has guided people and organizations through change using his five-step process he calls Expeditionary Leadership.  Mark spent more than a decade leading groups deep into the wilderness.

As an executive coach and trainer he has worked inside many of the largest organizations in world. And for more than seven years, he served on the leadership team of a privately held auto dealer group, leading the company through a major culture change.

Mark and his family live on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he continues his work as a master coach, consultant and facilitator, helping people and organizations successfully navigate the rapid changes of our modern world.


Mandy Degelsmith

Mandy is a coach, psychologist, and the founder of YUP™. She holds a doctorate in psychology and pulls from cutting edge science around hunger, hormones, and the brain-- to help her clients shift their metabolism as well as their habits, beliefs and mindset.

She lives in Waimea on the big island of Hawaii with her husband, son, chickens and fish.

Rachel Brown

Rachel is an artist, and aims to bring that creativity into whatever she does. 

She has worked in sales and in sales training, and was responsible for the launch and implementation of a training program with her staff. Rachel also works as a special effects makeup artist, and has won the award of “Makeup Artist of the Year”.

She enjoys walking trails with her husband and son, drawing, and spending time with her family. Rachel grew up in and still resides in New Hampshire with her husband, son, cat and dog.

Patricia Woodson

Patricia cocreated the first online marketplace for professional photography, Photo.net. She served as the president and CEO of the company, which she sold after twelve years. Patricia has since worked as an executive coach and served as a city commissioner for Key Biscayne, Florida. She is an advocate for the protection of the environment and cofounded a Citizen Scientist project, a partnership between the University of Miami, the local community foundation, and the village of Key Biscayne. 

Patricia has served on the board of the North Carolina Outward Bound School and currently serves as the school's director of advancement for Florida. She and her daughters administer a family fund in honor of her mother, Dicie Woodson, and educator who devoted her life to improving education and literacy.

Kevin "Doc" Klein

Doc Klein, has been working with Outward Bound for forty years as an instructor, program manager, Director of the Kurt Hahn Leadership Center, and consultant.

He is an avid writer, photographer and adventurer who loves to explore new areas and destinations. He has worked extensively in the worlds of education, business, health and the environment. For the last 15 years he has been coaching and supporting organizations to achieve an Amazing Year.

Eduardo Balarezo

Eduardo is a financier, business leader, and social entrepreneur. He led several companies in Ecuador and Peru, including Peruval SAC as a managing partner, Grupo Aries as an executive vice president, and Abingdon SA as President and cofounder. 

Eduardo took Outward Bound to Ecuador in 2006 and served as president for five years. He has also served on the board of Outward Bound International. A serial entrepreneur, Eduardo emigrated to the US in 2012, launching the social retail enterprise Lonesome George & Co. to benefit the Galapagos Islands. He also launched the Academy of Agents of Change, a unique education approach based on Outward Bound principles and social entrepreneurship. Eduardo recently founded Mind Shift Impact, a transformational consulting company based on Expeditionary Leadership principles.

Along with our Founders, HahnX also has an extensive list of Mentors working within the community. Learn more about them here!

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