Choose To Do Good

By Mark M Brown, HahnX co-founder and Author of Outward Bound Lessons To Live A Life of Leadership

After an amazing national book launch I was back in Hawaii preparing for a whole series of presentations when Covid hit. And George Floyd was murdered. And fires and floods and drought. And the attacks on our citizens as they marched for their rights, and the attack on our capital as we again attempted to keep this experiment called American Democracy alive. It can feel overwhelming to think about how much upheaval came at us in such a short time--and how much is still upon us.

I had a lot of time to reflect--on my life, and all of the challenges that our world seems to be facing. 

I've also thought about all of the amazing people I got to meet while traveling the country promoting Outward Bound Lessons, and a common theme that seemed to transpire from all those who had experienced Outward Bound-- particularly with those who had been instructors. We all so deeply miss the sense of connection and purpose that we experienced while doing such extraordinary work. And we miss the company of the most incredible, committed people--the community that we lived and worked in. 

"Your disability is your opportunity."

That missing, that longing also reminded me of the above quote that any OBer is familiar with.  That longing led to a series of Zoom conversations, and eventually an extraordinary team of "expeditionary leaders" began to form. We grappled with these very questions: What could we all do if we reconnected? What if there was a place to reconnect and reignite the passion that so filled our lives?

Kurt Hahn's first school Salem, was created to address the declines that he saw as Germany rapidly changed from an agrarian to an industrialized nation, and the deadly threats of nationalism that led to Hitler's rise to power. Outward Bound was created as "the moral equivalent of war." It was founded to create responsible citizens who would step up at times of crisis, and lead.

At the end of Kurt Hahn's life he implored the Outward Bound Trust to do more: "The Outward Bound experience by itself does not go deep enough. It is the beginning of a great promise...."

The great challenges of today led us to revisit Hahn's call to do more-to step up as Expeditionary Leaders

 I am so excited to announce the launch of HahnX, a community dedicated to creating a positive impact on people and the planet by connecting, inspiring and equipping today's changemakers. 

HahnX is a place to connect-- members are able to find others with similar interests and locations. Join social circles focused on the things you are passionate about--or create your own and invite others to join you. 

HahnX is a place to grow and learn - with both free and paid courses designed to help you deepen your interpersonal and leadership skills--some created by members of the community and others by some of the leading thought leaders in the world. Join a coaching group to go deep on a subject, or hire a highly skilled coach to help you on your personal journey.

HahnX is a place to change the world-we've aligned our impact circles with the United Nations 2030 Strategic Development Goals. Launch an impact circle or join one and collaborate with changemakers around the globe as we unite to make a better world. 

Can you imagine all of the good we can accomplish in the world together? I can. And that fills me with optimism, hope and determination. 

And remember:

That which we are, we are: 

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

Join us. You are uniquely qualified to lead through this time of extreme disruption and uncertainty. Let's do this together!



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