James Brazil

Architect, Artist, Designer, Master Builder

James Brazil comes from a design to production background immersed in fabrication, materials and making. His curiosity and passion for prototyping ideas at scale in public spaces as a form of problem solving and critiquing of contextual urban conditions matured into the studio’s design-research process. Actively publishing and presenting research in parallel with unsolicited PAR (Participatory Action Research) actions and activities with citizen stakeholders, both serve as an integral part of project development. Design-research is the pragmatic backbone of the studio, positioning community participation within urban research, coalescing projects to make positive social impacts. Where these actions and the clients imagination find synthesis, is the basis of a creative working partnership that inspires innovation and ingenuity in our projects.

The continual experimentation-through-making and designing-through-research, creates an atmosphere of invention and possibility at all project scales. We approach each project as a unique challenge to embrace the complexities of the commons, and embed human experience as memory in the design of meaningful places.


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