Mandy Degelsmith, PhD

Psychologist, Coach 

Mandy is a coach, psychologist, and the founder of YUP™, a highly customized, integrative program helping those who have struggled with food and dieting lose their excess weight and keep it off. She holds a doctorate in psychology and pulls from cutting edge science around hunger, hormones, and the brain-- to help her clients shift their metabolism as well as their habits, beliefs and mindset. 

Prior to that, Mandy coached entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders from across the United States, focusing on leadership and team development. She earned her doctorate from the University of Georgia and received coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute. Mandy spent years with Outward Bound--both as a leader of wilderness expeditions and as a coach and trainer, working with all kinds of people from business school students to teams inside Fortune 100 companies. She lives in Waimea on the big island of Hawaii.

- Founder, HahnX

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