Why Not Have An Amazing Year

We made this whole thing up, this calendar thing. In the northern hemisphere, nine days after the winter solstice, we end the year and begin anew. We reflect on the past year and celebrate. We look to the coming year and dream. The beginning of each new year is an inflection point. We let go of what was and believe again in what could be. 

But...what if, instead of waiting for the year to end, we shrunk down this cycle period of reflection and renewal? What if every day was a new year's day? A day to reflect on what was and set intentions about what could be? What if, rather than waiting for a year to go by for us to let go of what has been, we completed each day and let it go? What if every day, what if every hour, we started the clock over again? How might our lives change?

In 2009 Kevin "Doc" Klein read a book called A Year To Live by Stephen Levine. "This book challenged me to live as if I only had one year left on earth," reflected Doc. "As part of this...

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